Walking Safaris:

Walking Safaris:

Tanzania classifies wild areas in different categories with different rules and standards. Walking safaris differ from one Park to Another based on the nature of the park or conservation area. Professional guides and always carry riffle for safety reasons. Walks in the National Parks we have to abide by the strict rules laid out by Tanzanian National Park Authorities; Rangers will always be with you during your walking safaris to make you be safe as possible. Maximum five guests will be able to go on a walk at once; and will be accompanied by a qualified armed ranger, who must stick to specific walking routes. These regulations are monitored and we have to follow as per rules and regulations of TANAPA

Fly Camping:

This is the best option of Serengeti walking safaris, it involves a simpler version of the semi-permanent camp. The camp is moved, often on a daily basis, by the camp crew and a support vehicle. Your guide co-ordinates with the staff where the camp will be the following day and you walk from the one location to the next, to find the camp already set up and in the new location with the drinks cold! The camp doesn’t have to move daily, and movement is kept flexible depending on the group’s preference or the availability of animal viewing in the area. This option offers a great balance between real adventure and comfort.


This is the most adventurous and Budget walking Safaris which allow you to interact with nature and its people.All the gear for camping will be taken on the same car with prof cooker and other suppliers and survival with you for the duration of the trip. It is possible to organize another suppliers if days will be extend for more walking experience. This is the authentic wilderness experiences that different parks has to offer however due to weight restrictions and comfortability we may arrange another vehicle special to carry only suppliers.if backpacking and hiking is your thing, and you like a challenge you won't miss this way of adventures..!

Authentic Walking Safaris Locations:

  • West Kilimanjaro - Enduimet:

  • With sharing Eco system with the Amboseli National Park, in Kenya, this unspoilt area has good populations of elephant as well as species such as lesser kudu, gerenuk, bat-eared fox and striped hyena. As well as Maasai Cultural as they own the Land; for the pure African Cultural west Kilimanjaro can give you pure African feelings.

  • Lake Natron:

  • This Alkaline African Lake Turns Animals into Stone. The lake is actually the largest breeding ground in the world for lesser flamingoes!The water of Lake Natron sometimes turns red (or orange-red) because of the algae that thrives in its hypersaline environment. This red tinge to the water can even be seen from space. Mt Ol Doinyo Lengai (or Oldoinyo Lengai) is a perfectly conical, active volcano just to the south of Lake Natron. The highest point of Ol Doinyo Lengai is on its crater rim, and is 3,188 m (10,459 ft) above sea level.

  • Ngorongoro Crater:

  • This scenic walking safari takes place in the Ngorongoro Conservation area with the largest unbroken caldera in the world; the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater. During this remote walking safari you will explore extinct volcanoes, diverse landscapes, wildlife and meet the local Maasai who live in this area.The walk will expose you to a beautiful little crater that exists in the Ngorongoro Highlands. This caldera is six kilometers wide with nearly half of its floor is occupied by lake, and its slopes covered by a thick forest…The scenery is spectacular from every point along the rim; from the northern and eastern side you can look out to the dramatic volcano of Oldonyo Lengai, the Great Rift Valley and Lake Natron; from the south and west you can see across the Bulbul depression…Sometimes you can even see the distant snows of Mount Kilimanjaro far to the northeast.

  • Lake Eyasi:

  • Lake Eyasi is a huge soda lake that surpasses Lake Manyara in size, and the saline border extends and shrinks depending on the amount of rain that has fallen over the year.The main attraction of Lake Eyasi are the Hadzabe bushmen, the indigenous inhabitants and the last community of hunters and gatherers in Africa. Lake Eyasi is their homeland for over 10,000 years. They are still holding to their traditional way of life, hunting and gathering different kinds of fruits and honey.The Hadzabe live in caves and they don't wear any kind of clothes but rather skin to cover the private parts. Their community is endangered, because most of their land has been taken away from them for commercial production and they are forced to join the civilization.

    Lake Eyasi is also inhabited by another bushmen community, the Tindiga. This community is also a hunters and gatherers community, but they are tired of this kind of live and want to join the civilized world. They have been living for centuries from the forest and its products, hunting animals such as monkeys. The Tindiga people don't have permanent houses and avoid buildings with iron sheets, because they believe they cause blindness.

Budget Camping Safaris:

On our adventure camping safaris you will be immersed in the East African wilderness. You will travel on rough adventurous roads, pass tiny rural settlements and see fascinating landscapes and abundant wildlife. All your senses will be involved; from smelling early morning coffee, experiencing the thrill of a kill to the chill of a morning game drive. Falling asleep to the hooting of an owl or waking up with the roaring of a lion is what you will experience. The safari experience is all the more intense as you are ‘right in the middle’ of it all. The nearness to the nature, especially at night with its nocturnal sounds, compensates for the luxury of a lodge. Our camping safaris in Tanzania offer all of this and are therefore perfect for nature lovers and those who are looking for a break from civilisation and its comforts. Camping is to experience East Africa’s nature, animals and cultures in an affordable way.

Expected During Your Camping Safaris:

You will stay in public campsites inside the park or on private campsites outside the park will depend with the route and days. The campsites in the parks are not fenced and it is not unlikely that you may find wild animals roaming around between the tents, Its not surprising to bump into antelopes or Giraffe on your way to the shower. Accommodation will be in waterproof 2-person-tents (2.5m x 2.5m and 1.8m high) with built-in mosquito nets at the entrances and windows. Comfortable 5 cm thick sleeping mattresses are provided with camping furniture such as tables, camping chairs, functional cutlery and crockery. Our camping equipments are superior quality, regularly inspected and serviced. You will also be accompanied by a skilled safari cook. He will prepare all meals, often even including a packed meal for a picnic lunch. Early morning coffee followed by breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Joining / Shared Safaris:

Our guided Tanzania Joining Safaris Groups where you will be grouped with fellow travelers. We operate a range of small group safaris for a more African experience. Our Joining Safaris Groups use vehicles with a maximum of four or six passengers depends with number of Travelers per group, all guaranteed a window seat and standing space through the roof for game viewing. The maximum group size is 24-people. This makes Joining Safaris more affordable and you will spend great time with like minded travelers. Departure dates are set to be every weekly for all different itineraries, You require to confirm your Safari and wait for others to fill the number of the seat, Sometimes the departure has no prio notice of the departure due to number of Travelers, In other word; The tour will take place as soon when we have the minimum of four or six Travelers.

Wild Safari & Culture Tours:

Your experience is incomplete without a taste of the Endless Plains.. The Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, West Kilimanjaro for pure African Cultural and vising the last Hunter in Africa The Hazdabe & Dagota Trible in lake Eyasi. Discover and enjoy the real lifestyle of Tanzania with us through Joining / shared Safaris. A wonderful traditional life style of Tanzania, Taste the cool and taste the local food and other more culture of different tribes in Tanzania like The Maasai, The Wahadzabe people etc.

Biking Adventures:

East Africa is a place that can appear to be exciting for planning a bike tour due to amazing cultures and landscapes. There are thousands of biking routes to explore. These routes can be nice and smooth and ofcourse the challenging routes for the adventurer also available in many areas especially in some parks. We have designed the routes to give you both a wildlife and cultural experience.

Arusha & West Kilimanjaro - Biking Route

2-hours biking mainly on single-track route through the farming villages of Arusha. Most of this ride is flat and the tracks is good. You will encounter local Tanzanian farmers, kids and general farming communities.

West Kilimanjaro is a fun and thrilling way to experience one of the Tanzania’s great game reserves. If you’re reasonably fit, are confident on a bike and have a sense of adventure, then cycling through this great wilderness area is an awesome experience. Imagine the thrill of pedaling along red dirt roads, feeling the sun on your back, surrounded by endless spectacular horizons when, suddenly, you spot a herd of zebra, Impala, Giraffe,. grazing in the distance.

Manyara - Biking Route

Cycle to the lake shore where there are stunning vistas of the lake, the Rift Valley Wall and small herds of wildlife. The ride is on fairly flat single tracks. You can opt to do biking ride through the farming village of Mto Wa Mbu. On this ride you visit local farms, schools, church, milling machine a local bar and enjoy the sights and sounds of this vibrant village.

Our Team "Dedication to excellence"

Comprehending the responsibility on the shoulders of each team member at Ngutu Adventures and Safaris, we strive to be one of the most competitive companies in the travel & tourism industry, while paying significant attention towards efficiency in operations and providing reliable service to customers. Our team is at your service to help your needs by providing the highest standards of quality services fused with professionalism and dedication.